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God’s transformative power

A sermon preached at St George’s Preshute
1 July 2018, Fifth Sunday after Trinity

Wisdom of Solomon 1.13-15; 2.23,24 & Mark 5.21-43

jairus daughterIn the three-year cycle of the lectionary, this year we work our way through Mark’s Gospel. In the early chapters of Mark’s Gospel, we learn about Jesus’ identity. In the last few weeks, we have already heard how Jesus challenges the authorities by ‘working’ on the Sabbath; we see him in his capacity as teacher when he speaks in parables, and how he shows his power in the stilling of the storm.

This morning, two healing stories feature, and so I would like to explore what they reveal us about who Jesus is, and in that light, who we are, and who we are destined to be. To do this, I’d like to look at the story from three different perspectives. Firstly, looking at Jairus and the woman, whose name we’re not told. Then by looking at the role the crowd plays in the story, and lastly by focussing on Jesus himself. Continue reading “God’s transformative power”